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German-Russian Logistics Conference in St. Petersburg
Redaktion: BVMW Mecklenburg-Vorpommern
Eingestellt am  30.05.2010 Aktualitätsende 30.05.2010
Wismar/gc. Between 19th and 22rd of May 2010 the fifth German-Russian Logistics Conference „DR-Log 2010“ took place in St. Petersburg, representing an important forum for German-Russian cooperation in logistics (german version here ).

The meeting was conducted by the renowned St. Petersburg State University of Economics and Engineering (ENGECON), where representatives from science and industry of both countries took the opportunity to discuss further developments, opportunities and prospects in the field of logistical cooperation between both countries.

Although the Baltic Sea region was a central focus of the conference, the German region of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern was only represented by one participant of the University of Wismar. Prof. Dr. Gunnar Prause, conference participants, Vice-Rector of the University of Wismar and member of the Program Committee was therefore surprised about the low response from Mecklenburg-Vorpommern at the meeting:

„This event was supported by the German Research Foundation (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft, DFG) and brought together over 100 logistics experts from science and business in St. Petersburg. Especially the region of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern enjoys a privileged location in the Southern Baltic Sea with excellent prospects for its logistics business towards Russia and the Baltic States. Additionally its business opportunities are constantly growing due to the increasing number of Russian investment in our state. It is therefore necessary that the regional logistics stakeholders get more actively involved in the discussions with our Russian neighbors.“

Prof. Prause, who presented at the conference a study about the development of logistics networks in transition countries, got during the scientific discussions the impression that there exists on the Russian side a great interest in the gained experience in the development of economic structures in Eastern Germany, offering large consulting opportunities for experts from Mecklenburg- Vorpommern in Russia.

University Wismar
Prof. Dr. Gunnar Prause
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